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Paragon Computer Systems introduces our Software Resources page where you'll find numerous sources to review and purchase specialty, and mainstream software titles and software services. Each source of software products and services has been carefully selected for reliability and value. Many are already well known software publishers who probably you won't have any difficulty in identifying them. The best part, because of our relationship with many of these distributors and publishers we are able to bring you special discounts and offers for many of their mainstream and flagship products. Visit each vendor for details. Thank you.      

The Software Companies



   GotoMyPC    Perl Coders Trellian
McAfee   Xara    


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Welcome to Trellian Software Products, one of the largest and most experienced Internet Software Companies; Trellian leads with its innovative development in both Software and Internet solutions.
Here you'll find a cornucopia of web page design tools, proven search engine submission systems and services, website promotion tools, file transfer programs, product promotion and marketing aids with 'Classifieds' application programs, e-commerce, website design tools,  computer hardware and much more
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PerlCoders is a company started on the premise that webmasters should not have to pay an arm and leg for top quality programming. While most CGI programmers were charging a lot of money to make each script, we decided to start creating ready made solutions to common needs at membership pricing. What had started with one script has now become the largest single source for pre-made programs on the net.

What sets us apart from everyone else? 100% template driven scripts that allow you total flexibility in look and feel, truly dedicated support staff to help customers with problems, and free installation. We go all the way to help you succeed.   Click here for more information.

Paragon Computer Systems introduces one of easiest and more versatile forms to enhance, design, and develop your website design tasks with relative ease and absolutely no graphical design experience required. With Xara's complete product line this is easily accomplishable and much more. Click here for more product information and special deals.
  Babylon-Pro is a powerful Translation, Information and Conversion tool, that instantly provides relevant information about any word or value you click on.

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 Access Your Computer From Anywhere

Introducing GoToMyPC, the revolutionary way to access and control your computer from any Web connection, anywhere. Get secure and immediate access to your files, email, programs and network resources easily from home or the road.
Whatever your situation,
GoToMyPC will make your life easier by giving you immediate access to your PC from anywhere in the world.


With more than 2.5 million clipart images, photos, fonts, and sounds, you'll never run out of ways to use ClipArt.com content.

Great for: Websites, Newsletters, Brochures, Advertisements, Annoucements, Labels, and much more...

Works with: Photoshop, ImageReady, Illustrator, Quark, Word, Publisher and more.



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Three of Auscomp's super applications.
bulletE-Navigator Suite - The ultimate control center for your Web & Intranet! Multi-award winning.
bulletFort Knox - Where else would you store your most valuable & sensitive information?
bulletSmart Login - Quick & easy auto-login with 448bit security for MS IE.


 McAfee, Inc For total PC protection safeguard with the proven products of McAfee. Even more, savings are significant and ongoing. Click on the image for additional information.


 WordPerfect Office Suite



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 McAfee, Inc

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