What is Discount-Check?

Before Buying any computer, web related product or service make Discount-Check.com your Last Stop for last minute discounts, offers and deals by top manufacturers and distributors.

Why should you check our offers?

We constantly check with our affiliated manufacturers, and distributors for their best and most current promotions, offers, special unadvertised  discounts and hard to find unpublished deals. Also, here you'll find  special   online discount coupons and rebate information center, and direct access to specialty products and services. In very short words, Savings and more Savings await!

Does it Cost me anything?

No! All of our discount, sales and special offers information services are FREE to our visitors. There are No memberships fees, special applications, or hidden charges whatsoever. Taking advantage of our advertised promotions and offers are absolutely at no cost to you. On the contrary, you'll enjoy the additional savings and value from these frequently non advertised or exclusive offers and promotions from our affiliated sponsors.

Where to start?
bulletOur Discount Mall features top manufacturers and distributors of computer related products and services, such as Overstock®, IBM®, Dell® Computers, Compaq®, Toshiba®, Gateway®, Microsoft®, Micro Warehouse, Amazon®, Tiger Direct, Tech Depot, PC and Mac Mall, Iomega®, and dozens of others each under their own Discount Store Outlets, where you'll find a bountiful source for deep discounts, new promotions and offers, new products, rebates, introductory prices, specials, unpublished prices and hard to find last moment deals packed with tremendous savings and value.
bulletIf you are looking for a particular computer, accessory or add on in addition to our Discount Mall visit our  Hardware section where you'll a good selection of participating manufacturers and distributors offering exceptional deals and discounts on their products.
bulletHave a specific software title in mind and need to find out more information or for how much you can get it for? Or perhaps would like to find out who offers a particular solution under a specific application type? Or, if you just want to compare prices, what a better reason to browse through our Software section where you'll find bargains and discounted offers galore.
bulletOur Services section offers a cornucopia of money saving opportunities, application sources and information covering web related, and programming from top rated companies, individuals and distributors. 
bulletCoupons - Her you'll find ready to clip money saving coupons from various manufacturers and distributors covering a multitude of computer related products and services. (Currently under development).
bulletOnline Stores - Gives you access to dozens of computer related products merchant's online virtual stores.



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